Cash row over baths

KIRKHAM residents are being asked to pay twice for the town's pool.

Fylde council has asked Kirkham Town Council to contribute towards the cost of the Baths, on top of the council tax residents pay.

Coun Liz Oades said: "Should Kirkham's residents really be asked to pay for something twice?

"If the council can't afford to run the baths it should ask all the borough to pay, not just Kirkham, it is just double rating."

The Town Council has written back to Fylde asking for more information on the idea and there are now fears about the future of the baths in light of the financial difficulties the council is facing.

Coun Elaine Silverwood said: "We are shocked that Fylde is trying to put the burden of the baths on the people of Kirkham.

"We are very concerned about the implications and it does ring alarm bells about the future of the baths.

"We could be asked to pay for other things and this could open the doors to anything and everything.

"Also we don't want the baths to be on the receiving end of massive cutbacks as they are struggling as it is because there has been no rolling programme of improvements."

Coun Simon Renwick, cabinet member for Culture and Tourism, said: "The Council have recently been looking at a variety of options for managing our pools as an ongoing project.

"We are considering all options in assessing the long-term future of the facilities and this has included writing to the town councils of the areas where the pools are located.

"Many of our town and parish council's manage and maintain their open spaces, including associated leisure facilities using the funding they have available and this is just one possible option for the swimming pools in the future."