Donkeys bring smile to beach sunbathers

IT'S been one of the most worst summers since weather records began – but that hasn't stopped the donkey rides on St Annes beach.

The Clews family have been working hard all summer, getting up at 7am every morning to bring the donkeys to the beach.

Ian Clews, who has worked with donkeys for 35 years, and his son Oliver, who wishes to take over the family business, are at St Annes Beach as much as they can be this summer

With their entire family working with donkeys, they have 16 in total.

The donkeys normally working at the beach are Peanut, 12; Duffy, 10; Tommy,12; Rambo, nine; Barney, eight and Dino, seven. All six of these donkeys are incredibly friendly.

He said: “The donkeys are really friendly and it gives me something to do.”