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New wheelie bins are delivered on Sandhurst Avenue, St ANnes.
New wheelie bins are delivered on Sandhurst Avenue, St ANnes.
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AN extra one tonne of waste is now being recycled in Fylde – all to the benefit of the borough’s taxpayers.

The statistic was revealed this week as the first recycling figures came in following the delivery of the borough’s new wheeled bins,

The first bins were delivered earlier this month to around one-third of the borough when the two new wheeled bins were swapped for the box and white sack.

Extra deliveries will be made in the second half of June – with a third batch planned for September.

Coun Albert Pounder (inset), Fylde Council cabinet member for customer and operational services, said: “The more we recycle, the less that taxpayers have to pay to process non-recyclable waste.

“It is a virtuous circle that saves everyone money and helps the environment.

“It is fair to assume that when further deliveries are made we will be recycling an extra 700 tonnes-plus as well as making life simpler for residents and reducing the number of wagon movements to and from people’s homes.

“The bin crews report that using the wheeled bins is far less strenuous for them in terms of lifting heavy boxes.

“We have also noticed that more batteries have been recycled recently which is a big step forward in the right direction as many were previously put in waste bins.”

“He added: “Bin crews also report that some residents are putting bins out for collection even when they contain only one or two items.

“I appreciate their enthusiasm but I ask that, if they can wait, they only put bins out when they are approaching half full as this will save crew time and keep vehicle running costs low.

“I want to thank residents for supporting this scheme.

“It is a big change, but one that will benefit us all as recycling rates continue to rise.”

Fylde Borough Council hope to save £100,000 over the next three years by introducing its new recycling bins to 30,000 homes.

The new bins are brown and blue - ending the current green box and white sacks that have proved unpopular throughout the borough.

The council also hoped that the separate brown and blue bins would encourage better recycling across which appears to be confirmed by the latest figures.