PICTURES: Snowdrop wonderland

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The ever-popular Snowdrop Walks are back at Lytham Hall – with just a few weekends left to enjoy them.

Despite recent poor weather, crowds turned out on a beautiful winter’s day to enjoy a stroll around the Grade I-listed grounds.

Activity Plan Officer at Lytham Hall, Marianne Blaauboer said: “For several years now Lytham Hall has opened its doors for a sensational showing of snowdrops.

“From late January to early March the historic parkland shows astonishing blankets of the spring flower and people from all over the county travel to Lytham to walk amongst them. The Friends of Lytham Hall run a special shop and tombola in the old kitchen, where you can also purchase a snowdrop to take home.

“This coming Sunday they are running a variety of children’s craft workshops, including cupcake decorating.

“So far, more than 1,500 people have already visited and you could say that this week is the best showing of the snowdrops. In their wake the daffodils are already coming up and the bluebells aren’t far behind. So there’s always a reason to pay Lytham Hall a visit when you fancy a stroll.”

On the snowdrop Sundays, the Ballam Road gates are scheduled to open at 10am and close at 4pm.

The tearoom is open, while disabled badge-holders may park near the Hall itself.

Admission is £2.50 for adults, and £1 per child, with the snowdrop walks open until Sunday, March 2. For more information call the Hall office on (01253) 736652.




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