Waste tip ‘safe’

depot at st davids road north
depot at st davids road north

RESIDENTS living close to a disused council depot have been reassured that there is no danger to health from work being carried out there.

It has been claimed that Fylde Council workmen had been dumping rubbish at the St David’s Road North site in St Annes, including potentially hazardous asbestos and old fridges.

Resident Bob Dagnall, of St David’s Road North, whose home backs on to the site, said he had asked the council to clean it up but that nothing had been done.

He claimed asbestos had been left “strewn on the ground” and said it was “like living on a refuse dump”.

He told the Express: “For the past few months they have been dumping stuff and it’s got to the level where it’s a health hazard. It’s totally irresponsible.”

He added: “If someone else did that, the council would be on to them like a ton of bricks.”

Mr Dagnall said he had taken photographs of the site and complained to the Health and Safety Executive in Preston.

“I have read about the control of asbestos and the council are ignoring it, or are ignorant of the fact.

“Fridges are just resting there, so there must be some CFC gases coming from them,” he claimed.

At least one resident has reported vandalism at the yard to the police and children have been heard playing on the derelict site.

But the council denied it was dumping there and said it was clearing the site up to put it back into temporary use before it is put on the market for sale.

A council spokesman said: “There’s no truth whatsoever that we are using it for dumping.

“About six weeks ago we started putting some of our parks vehicles on it and to get them into one of the sheds we had to clear the sheds.

“Three previous tenants on it left everything in the sheds.

“We have had to remove a variety of types of waste.

“We are removing them gradually from the site.”

The spokesman added: “There’s absolutely no asbestos whatsoever.

“There are some concrete sheets which somebody may have mistaken for asbestos. We can categorically say that.

“There are no fridges being dumped there – certainly not by us. If we were to collect fridges or asbestos from somebody’s house we would have to take it straight to landfill.

“We are not allowed to store it by law.

“The site is being marketed at the moment with a view to disposal.

“Pending the disposal, we are bringing this facility temporarily back into use.”