Wood ‘vendetta’ claim dismissed

Jeff Connor who is warning dog owners about food with nails in that is being left in Witch Wood, Lytham.
Jeff Connor who is warning dog owners about food with nails in that is being left in Witch Wood, Lytham.

LYTHAM St Annes Civic Society has dismissed claims of a ‘vendetta’ against dogs after a second pet owner found a potentially lethal morsel of meat during a walk through Witch Wood.

Jeff Connor was walking his 18-month-old golden retriever Sam through the beauty spot when the puppy came across part of a burger with a nail embedded in it.

It followed the discovery by another dog walker, Carol Park, of a chicken nugget ‘spiked’ with two nails, as reported in last week’s Express.

Mr Connor, of Brook Road, highlighted Sam’s horror find after reading our story — and claimed the meaty pieces could only have been left by someone waging a ‘vendetta’ against dogs being walked in the wood off a lead.

“It had to have been done deliberately and it looks to me as though someone could be waging a vendetta against dogs not being on leads,” said Mr Connor.

But Rob Wilkinson, Witch Wood co-ordinator for the Civic Society, who own and maintain the beauty spot between Ansdell and Lytham, condemned the horror discoveries — and said Society volunteers had already been out to check if there were any more.

“We are appalled at these reports and thankfully haven’t found any other items,” said Mr Wilkinson.

“We take such finds very seriously indeed and would urge anyone with any information to contact the RSPCA.

“We have never advocated that dogs always be kept on leads in Witch Wood — we just want dogs to be under control and for their owners to pick up after them.”

Witch Wood is currently the subject of a Fylde Council consultation over dog control, but whereas the suggestion is that dogs be kept on leads in adjacent Linnet Lane Wood, the suggestion for Witch Wood is just that owners clean up after their pets.

The consultation period runs out today and the findings will go before the Council’s Community Focus Scrutiny Committee.

The RSPCA have warned pet owners to be vigilant after the ‘danger morsel finds and ask anyone with information to contact them on 0300 1234 999.