Workers' cars are big problem in our streets

THE problems Coun Fulford-Brown raises in the Express (June 12) have been evident to residents in the so-called Conservation Area of Lytham long before Booths' new store arrived.

And they are likely to worsen for us as and when the yellow lines are extended in Church Road.

Introducing the Westby Street scheme – at the prices paid by Westby Street residents – would probably be acceptable to most of us.

However, such a scheme will not benefit the major cause of the parking problem – that is, people who work in Lytham and leave cars and/or vans all day in residential areas.

Some other economical long-term parking is badly needed for them.

CG Lodge

Westwood Road


Enjoy music and a swim

I am surprised by John Webster's remarks ('Loud Music and High Prices put People off Pool', Express, June 19).

I am an early morning swimmer at Kirkham Baths along with several of my friends on a regular basis and do not agree with the comments made. I thoroughly enjoy my swimming and the music only furthers my enjoyment.

There are not many places you can go and enjoy two things in life that are not only good for the body but also the soul.

At my tender age of 65, it is important to keep fit physically and mentally and my morning swimming does just that.

The attendants/lifeguards who look after us play a wide variety of music and this article is the first time I have ever heard anyone complain about it. The relationship between the swimmers and the staff is excellent and they listen to all our needs and requests.

In today's world with prices rising for food and fuel and everything else we need to get through the week, what other pleasure can you do for 3.60?

My answer to anyone reading this article is get yourself down to Kirkham baths for a swim and enjoy the music!

Mr Maurice Barnett

Ribby Avenue


Leader needs to listen to us

THE public ballot expressed overwhelming support for St Annes baths. Yet the leader of the council said it would be irrelevant. Anyone who does not listen to electors should either do a U-turn, resign or be voted out.

Name and address supplied

No need for poll recount

MY wife and I were among the 3,040 people who voted to keep St Annes Baths. I read that council leader John Coombes regarded the 3,040-15 vote against closure as a "triumph" for his decision to close the baths.

Incredibly, he disclosed that everyone who did not vote at all supported him.

Sorry, Mr Coombes, but while St Annes remains in the UK, a 3,040-15 vote does not even require a recount.

Voter for democracy

Name and address supplied

Racing article is 'offensive'

GORDON McCully and Karen Evans' article (Express, May 1, 'Happier End to Racing Life') highlighted the tremendous work of Peta Rain and her colleagues who help rehome retired racing greyhounds.

However, it is a great shame that parts of the article (were) highly offensive.

The fact is that when their racing career is over, most greyhounds will live out a happy retirement. Less than 10,000 greyhounds are now coming into licensed racing each year.

Almost 4,500 are rehomed annually by the Retired Greyhound Trust – twice as many as five years ago. Approximately a further 3,500 find homes either with their owners, their trainer or through other rehoming charities, such as Greyhound Rescue.

Some of the others will continue their careers on independent tracks or will return to their native Ireland.

Some are euthanased because, for example, they are temperamentally unsuitable for rehoming or for health reasons.

The rules lay down that this be done by a registered vet and anyone doing otherwise risks a ban from the sport and even prosecution.

Your article does serve to highlight one very important point – that a branch of Greyhound Rescue, or the Retired Greyhound Trust, can fix you up with a low-maintenance greyhound who will be your faithful, friendly companion for life.

Lord David Lipsey

Chairman, British

Greyhound Racing Board

Station stairs a real barrier

I AM very pleased Lytham Station now has a ramp, but also a little puzzled.

Lytham Station has access straight off the road, unlike Squires Gate, which has 40 steps to negotiate.

We have been asking for years for a ramp at Squires Gate; after all, it is now the rail link to Blackpool International Airport and every day, I see people struggling up the steps with luggage and not even a taxi waiting to take them to the airport. In the summer season, families come to Pontins with suitcases, young children and baby buggies and are daunted by the sight of all these forty steps.

Mrs Joan Banks

Hornsey Avenue

St Annes

Pools better than the sea

LEARNING to swim is essential.

It provides good, pleasant exercise through life, it is one of the finest sports and teaches life-saving skills.

We need the existing pool and more, even better.

You must afford it, or people will then turn to the sea, lakes and reservoirs when it gets hot.

These are dangerous. Give them what is needed.

Sand Grown (once proud)

Name and address supplied.