Bobby’s back on the box in comedy hit

St Annes-based comedian Bobby Ball is back on the television screens in the second series of Sky Living’s Mount Pleasant – the second episode of which will be seen tomorrow.

Tuesday, 28th August 2012, 3:20 pm

The series, written by Sarah Hooper, who also penned a number of episodes of the TV series Shameless, follows the life of Mancunian Lisa (played by Sally Lindsey) and the adventures of her day-to-day life, family and friends.

Bobby plays Lisa’s father, Barry, in the series and is given full rein to brings his wit and humour to the role! .

“It’s terrific! I open my script for each episode and always look forward to seeing what’s in store for my character,” says Bobby who is celebrating 50 years of his comedy partnership with Tommy Cannon. “It’s also so lovely having Pauline Collins playing my wife in the series, as we get along so well.

“We are like two naughty school children making each other laugh. My on screen daughter played by Sally Lindsay is adorable and so wonderful to work with. I can’t say enough things about the wonderful cast but the real secret is in the writing. What a talent Sarah Hooper is.”

He is similarly enthusiastic about being back at the Grand every Friday until November 2 with Tommy Cannon.

“Blackpool is home and very, very special to me,” he said. “Tommy and I always regard Blackpool as the premier summer location with The Grand being the premier theatre. It was made for laughter! And has such a wonderful history.”

As for Blackpool audiences, Bobby said: “They have come to enjoy themselves, have a laugh and be entertained. Blackpool audiences have always been very supportive of us and that’s very special to us. We love them.”