Amateur drone pilot accidentally stumbles on the new Top Gear set

An amateur drone pilot was stunned to find the sports cars he was filming were being driven by the new presenters of Top Gear.

Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 4:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 4:20 pm
A screenshot from the footage
A screenshot from the footage

Keith Bremner, 41, was out driving with his wife, Jennifer, 40, an accountant, when he spotted a yellow Mustang being driven along a bridge in the Scottish Highlands.

The keen photographer and gadget fanatic whipped out his drone to film the sports car.

Unbeknown to Keith at the time, he was actually filming the new set of Top Gear - which is set to hit our screens in May 2016.

Keith films the incredible scenes from Kylesku Bridge car park in Kylesku before meeting new presenter Rory Reid - who told him it was his first filming session.

The five minute footage shows Rory driving a yellow 2016 Mustang and a white 1967 Mustang, along the Kylesku Bridge and whizzing down the winding roads.

The footage finishes with Rory leaning against the yellow 2016 Mustang, before doing a 'peace out' sign at the drone.

Keith shot it the day after Rory broke down in the classic Mustang, which was repaired in time for the Sunday shoot.

He said: "They were speeding along the Kylesku Bridge in these fantastic Mustangs. It was marvelous to watch.

"I filmed the whole thing remotely from the bridge carpark. They were racing along and it was incredible.

"When Rory got out of the car he said hello, he was a lovely chap. He recognised the drone because he had one too.

"He then told me he was enjoying filming the first Top Gear segment and joked he was doing a lot of waiting around - but like Scotland.

"He was excited, friendly and more than happy to have a short chat."

Keith, a sales manager and father-of-two, has been flying drones for over three months.

He said: "I couldn't believe it when I found out it was Top Gear, with the Mustang racing across Kylesku Bridge - the bridge my father built.

"The Kylesku Bridge is fantastic and I'm honoured that my father built it. They chose a great location for the filming.

"It is set in a very remote part of Scotland and perfect for fast cars and picturesque driving."

With a ten man crew, Keith tells how they were filming a 2016 Mustang and 1967 Mustang for Top Gear.

Top Gear's newest presenter, Rory Reid, was driving the yellow Mustang and even waved a peace sign at the flying drone.

Keith from Inverness, Scotland, was on a Sunday Valentine's Day drive with his wife when he stumbled across the filming in the remote Scottish Highlands.

He said: "They looked like they were having a great time filming. Everyone was in high spirits, but it did look like a long day. They were there way before we arrived and stayed long after."

Keith, who often films mountain biking with his DJI Phantom Drone which cost him £700, quickly retrieved his drone from his car and began filming when he realised what they were doing.

He said: "It was the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing footage and really show the quality of the drones.

"They capture perfect images and as long as you have a steady hand, you can really get some movie magic with them.

"I can't believe they were filming up here. I don't think they expected a man with a drone.

"I don't think they expected a man with a drone in the highlands. The winds were quite strong, but I managed to keep the drone steady and capture it all."

Keith regularly visits the Kylesku Bridge which his father built.

The Kylesku Bridge is 275 metres long and stretches across the Lock a' Chairn Bhain in Sutherland.

Opening to traffic in July 1984, the bridge cost £4 million and was formally opened by the Queen.

Keith said: "Of course I'm biased because my dad built it, but the bridge is beautiful.

"With the breath taking views either side it makes for amazing footage.

"The crew were there filming for hours, later racing a blue Mustang being followed by a helicopter.

"It was well worth a trip to Kylesku on Sunday. We got to capture a bit of TV magic.

"The whole experience was brilliant and I can't wait to watch it on the TV."