It's reality telly but not as we know it

It's not hard to spot the Joey Essex look-alike in the line up of Blackpool's latest TV show.

Friday, 4th March 2016, 1:00 pm
The contestants
The contestants

This is reality television but not as we tend to know it, locally, having been given a drubbing by the likes of 999: What’s Your Emergency? and other warts-and-all programmes in the past.

It helps that local actor-entertainer Liam Halewood, 29, of Hornby Road, knows the resort like the back of his hand - and his reality TV market.

As The Gazette revealed last year, Liam’s the man behind the project to put Blackpool on the map of reality telly for all the right reasons.

Liam Halewood

Since his casting session at Dahlia’s Kitchen he’s managed to assemble a ‘cast’ to out-perform The Only Way Is ... on all fronts.

Filming started at Viva Cabaret Bar during the Pride launch but now Liam is poised to step up filming in and around Blackpool in the days to come - with film crews out and about again on Wednesday.

Liam, who’s formerly appeared in a host of reality shows, including X Factor, May the Best House Win, Four in a Bed, and more, is a veteran of the alternative reality world of TV.

“Blackpool’s been so good to me - I met my husband here and have built a successful career here -I can’t stand all the bad press on TV so want to show what the resort is really like from the perspective of people who are already achieving success.

Liam Halewood

“I don’t get why people believe all they see on television. They think everyone’s on the dole here just because of what’s been on telly. It’s all so formulaic.

“I see the best side of Blackpool and the positives far outweigh anything else.

“I want to change public perception.”

From left to right Liam’s cast are Zac Campbell , 18; bar tender, Samantha Bell, 31; dance teacher, Eleanor Pilling, 22; beautician, Antony Turner, 26; businessman, Junior Jay, 26; ‘dream boy’, Liam Halewood, 29; entertainer, Elizabeth Watson, 20; chef, Aishley Docherty, 27; beautician/dance teacher, William Goldie Galloway, 18; champion kick-boxer, and Jo Ashcroft, 39; sax player.

Liam concludes: “Only two of the cast are not from Blackpool but Blackpool has been good for them.”