Comic Omid proves he's no schmuck...

Comedian Omid Djalili will bring his massive new tour '˜Schmuck for a Night' to Lytham this weekend.

Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 4:43 pm
Omid Djalili will be at the Lowther this Saturday
Omid Djalili will be at the Lowther this Saturday

The London comic is embarking on 108-date tour, this week, which will run all the way until May 2017.

The comedian first made a name for himself at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1995 and this year he won the panel prize at the very same festival for a piece titled ‘Iraq Out & Loud’

The show bizarrely involved reading the Chilcot report for 24 hours a day. Something which took 285 hours and 1,444 people to complete.

About winning the award, Omid said: “What a pleasant surprise. Though, I’ve found when an idea is really good it’s no longer your idea. The idea belongs to the collaborators.

“In fact, the idea felt like it belonged to the comedy industry. Comics do nutty things all the time at the festival. Sometimes it’s a 24-hour show, sometimes mad benefit gigs, but sometimes an idea really captures the zeitgeist.

“It was important to us that the readings were a simple, non-political, people-powered, public service.”

Djalili was also executive producer for the hugely successful documentary ‘We Are Many’, which hit number one on iTunes in ten different countries.

He added: “You can never quantify the impact of such things, but certainly it felt like they were important projects to be part of.

“In this life you’re either a problem or a solution. I’d like to think these projects – which raise more questions than answers – are firmly entrenched in the solution camp. Or at least trying to be!”

However it’s comedy that Omid feels most at home with. With it being such a long tour, he expects the content to change quite a lot, to reflect current affairs.

“Well, I think the show will change even while I’m on stage!” He said.

“It’ll be so current sometimes audiences won’t laugh until they get home and turn on the TV.

“I have no party political agenda. But I’ll talk about what’s going on around us trying to contribute to the discourse.”

The tour will visit Lowther Pavilion, on Saturday night.

Tickets are priced at £24.50 and are available by calling 01253 794221.