It's ridiculous but it's well acted and an audience pleaser

No Sex Please, We're British, Lowther Pavilion

Friday, 25th November 2016, 11:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:41 pm
No Sex Please, Were British
No Sex Please, Were British

Panned by the critics, but successful on stage for Michael Crawford and on film for Ronnie Corbett, this typically British farce, here bravely revived by the Lytham Anonymous Players, has divided opinion.

The plot revolves round the mistaken delivery of Swedish pornography to the home of assistant bank manager Peter Hutton, a demanding role well sustained by Kieran O’Doherty.

Thanks to a superb physical and verbal performance from the rubber-limbed David Chalk as the chief cashier, entertainment is rich.

Emily Cartmell, Ann Slack, Roger Lloyd Jones and Chris Slack are right on the money as a quartet of notably British characters, as director Bob Gemmell uses all seven doors deftly to quicken the action after the interval.

Glyn Morton, Kathy Gemmell and Caz Thompson also excel in their cameo roles – spoiler alert here.

There’s a bit of innuendo, but far more just plain daftness, combined with much visual amusement.

David Chalk enters memorably throughout and displays comic mastery with his oversize mac and bowler hat.

It’s unpretentious, ridiculous and well acted – and this was an audience which loved it.

Julian Wilde