Call to put Fylde coast research team in the picture with seaside snaps

Fylde coast people are being asked to take snapshots to help researchers monitoring their beautiful beaches.

Monday, 15th March 2021, 3:30 pm

A new collaborative project has begun, Coast Watchers, to record and share how things change on our beaches.

Visit Fylde Coast and engineers at Wyre Council are working with Lancaster University to capture and collate different forms of data in an easy to understand form.

Jane Littlewood is publisher at Visit Fylde Coast and said: “Loads of data is collected by various different organisations. It’s used for a variety of reasons, like predicting bad weather and to work out when and how our sea defences will be maintained.

Jane Littlewood from Visit Fylde Coast is looking for Coast Watchers to take pictures of the coastline.

“Living by the coast makes us more obsessed with the weather than normal – it has such a big effect on our daily lives. We’re aiming to translate all this scientific information into something that Joe Public can understand.”

She said the crucial thing that was missing so far were photos and this was where Fylde coast people could help.

She said: “We’d planned various activities which can’t happen because of Covid. Instead we’re taking our new group online. Participants can share what they’re doing, their project ideas and ask questions of the team. Then you’ll go out whenever and wherever you want to on your usual walks, uploading your photos online afterwards.”

The overall aim is to create a visual daily record of the Fylde Coast. Imagine being able to see daily sunsets and storms, pollution incidents and amazing sights like pods of dolphins! Captured and saved all in one place for anyone to access anywhere.

The idea is to create a visual record of the changing seasons and conditions on the Lancashire coast

To join in, contact Jane for details and the link to join. Email [email protected]