The glorious 12th in Blackpool and the Fylde coast: Live updates as shops, gyms, pubs and restaurants reopen as lockdown continues to be relaxed

Today's the day when the country take its second step out of lockdown as the government continues to roll out its 'roadmap' plan.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 8:22 am
Updated Monday, 12th April 2021, 12:32 pm

We'll be bringing you all the latest, as pubs, gyms, restaurants, outdoor attractions and shops across the Fylde coast reopen their doors for the first time in more than 3 months.

Live updates as lockdown restrictions are lifted across the Fylde coast

All the latest from across the Fylde coast as lockdown continues to be relaxed

Last updated: Monday, 12 April, 2021, 16:05

  • Scenes across the Fylde coast as lockdown restrictions are eased
  • All the rules you need to know
  • Monday’s weather forecast

These were the scenes in Blackpool today as lockdown restrictions lifted

Our photographers were out and about in Blackpool to see how the day unfolded. Have a look at our picture gallery here

Christopher Court, Tom Gildea and Peter Hardy were all delighted to be able to sit down together for their first pub pint of the year.

Mr Court said it was important that people should be able to socialise again.

He said: "very glad to be out. We've been in lockdown for a year so it's good to be out for a pint.

"Nice to meet people."

Peter Hardy said: "It's great to be able to meet people again. And it's such a lovely day too."

Customers were eager to make the most of non-essential shops reopening from the off in Lytham

Marc Whitehead, proprietor of Exqisite Shoes and a long-time official of Lytham Business Partnership, said: "We're just relieved to welcome back customers after all these months.

"Town has been nice and busy from the off today and it's good to be a leader to serve people again.

"We've had a nice steady flow of customers through the first morning - they appreciate the opportunity to speak to us and try the shoes on."

PT Adam Prance with Katrina Andrew at Bannatyne’s

Lytham Square was packed as lunchtime arrived on the first day of lockdown measures being eased to allow outdoor dining.

Kevin Randall, 57, of Church Road, in the town centre enjoying a brew, said: "It's just good to be able to sit down and savour this - and the sunshine is a very welcome bonus."

There were also huge queues at Primark

Kerrie Jones 45, from Grange was one of the first at Primark. She said: “ I was surprised at the length of the queue but it went quickly.“It was good to get out of the house and have a look at some clothes.“Ir us quite busy in town.”

Delight to see shoppers about.

Steve Meyer, from Kendals Fish and Sea Foods who has his van in St John’s Square, said he was delighted to see shoppers about.

He said: “It is the first day and a bit early but there gave been quite a few people about.“

“I was at Abingdon Street Market for 30 years so people know me.

“I am here for the first day but don’t usually do Mondays, just Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.”

Customer Des Brown, 83, of Manchester Road said: “I am here seeing what’s open and what’s not.“It’s good to get out again, the shops being open will lift things up“I have been getting my fish. I usually go to Abingdon Street Market, but its closed now which is a shame for us older people who rely on it.”

These were the scenes at the Pleasure Beach this morning

Fantastic to see people enjoying some freedom again

Carolyn Clapham, who owns the Storytellers Inc bookshop in St Anne's with daughter Katie, was delighted to welcome back her first customers after lockdown.

"We've been doing click and collect and online orders and we've done all right but nothing beats been able to welcome people into the shop," said Carolyn.

First customer after Monday's reopening was Kathryn Howard, 37, who said: "I love books and there's nothing better than having a browse and buying them in person."

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