Here is how to get the right fit for a bra, with Stringers Department Store in Lytham

Stringers offers a bra fitting service
Stringers offers a bra fitting service

Stringers Department Store, in Lytham, which offers a bra fitting service, has seven tips to help you to help you find the perfect fit.

1. Band: The underband provides 80 per cent of the support you receive from your bra. That’s why it’s so important to check how the underband feels on the loosest hook – it should feel firm but comfortable.

2. Back: The back of your bra should be in-line with the front and fastened on the loosest hook. When the elasticity naturally stretches over time your bra may be fastened on a tighter hook.

3. Cup height: Make sure the cups of your bra aren’t too high under your arms as this may cause rubbing or discomfort during wear.

4. Cup fill: Nobody likes a cup half empty, right? The whole of your breast should fit neatly inside the cup, with no empty spaces and no excess spilling over.

5. Wire: Make sure you’re wired up correctly. The wiring of your bra should sit flat against your chest and around the contour of your bust.

6. Centre front: The centre-front (between both cups) should sit flat against your chest when fully secured and supporting your breasts correctly.

7. Straps: And finally, adjust the straps. They should feel firm but comfortable. If they can fall off your shoulders they may need tightening. If you find they’re leaving red marks and digging in the bra may be too small.

Head to the lingerie department at Stringers Department Store, Lytham, for a fitting, or call 01253 740700 for more information.