School’s new order of merit

PUPILS have come up with a new merit scheme that embraces the whole life and experience of their high school.

Wednesday, 19th January 2011, 6:40 am

Unhappy with the old system which focused too much on school work, the Junior Leadership Team at Carr Hill High, Kirkham, decided a change was needed.

Year 11 student Charles Bullock, head of the JLT, said: “There were inconsistencies with the old merits as different teachers would reward them for different things and some students felt they weren’t getting them when they deserved them.

“This new way clears up all the criteria. It’s not just limited to lessons either because it gives clear guidelines when merits are to be given.

“This can be for attending three extra curricular rehearsals for something outside of school time as well as for completing an outstanding piece of work. Because of this everyone has a fair chance of receiving merits.

“Everyone really enjoys the competition aspect too between the different colleges, and in mentor time at the end of the day we always see who’s got the most and what people have been given them for.

“Students are ultimately here to learn. This merit scheme is a short term reward that motivates students and gives them something extra to work towards.”

Headteacher Patrick Earnshaw said: “Our JLT have worked very hard and put a lot of effort into getting this new merit scheme just right. They have designed it, promoted it and made sure everything is organised for it.

“Carr Hill students enjoy receiving merits and we enjoy rewarding their hard work and contribution to the Carr Hill community.

“Our students enjoy the status that comes with being awarded badges – which are a bit like being given medals – and like to be publicly recognised for their achievements.”