Unity pupils speak up about effects of bullying on them

Humanutopia at Blackpool's Unity Academy
Humanutopia at Blackpool's Unity Academy

Brave high school pupils have been sharing their experiences of bullying.

Pupils at Blackpool’s Unity Academy had the courage to speak out during a motivational day for Year 11.

The brave admissions were part of a day delivered by leading school provider Humanutopia, where pupils looked at their behaviour, attitude and personal development, and how making positive changes can improve their confidence, relationship, wellbeing and employability.

Many of the teens talked their experience of bullying and how it’s affected them at different times of their life both inside and outside different schools.
Others stood up and apologised for any behaviour that may have caused offence.

Designed to take pupils out of their comfort zone and interact with different people, the tailored day encourages pupils to be more positive, confident, happier and helps them understand people better and learn key workplace skills.

Head of Year 11 Laura Boyd, who arranged the session, said: “As a school we’re committed to improving the wellbeing of pupils and having used Humanutopia before we’ve seen first-hand the real impact these sessions can have on pupil’s personal development.

“All pupils face different pressures both inside and outside school so it was great to see the compassion and respect they showed to each other, especially when their peers were talking about their personal experiences.”

She added: “We have a fantastic group of really motivated and lovely Year 11s and I wanted them to do this so they can make the most of their final months at school.”