Children sent home at Heyhouses School in St Annes after staff member tests positive for Covid-19

Children at a St Annes primary school have been sent home this morning after a teaching assistant tested positive for coronavirus.

Thursday, 24th September 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th September 2020, 12:06 pm
Children at Heyhouses School

All 90 year 2 pupils at Heyhouses Endowed Church of England Primary School on Clarendon Road North have been ordered to stay at home.

Head teacher Elizabeth Hodgson said: "It's something that is going to happen to schools because we are fully back. Somehow a member of staff has tested positive; the test came back at 8.40am so we had to make the decision to send the whole of year 2 home.

"One class will be self-isolating for 14 days. We are having a deep clean of the classrooms and the infant department and we will go from there."

One class of 29 children is believed to have come into close contact with the affected staff member, and must now self-isolate for 14 days. The other 61 year 2 pupils are expected to return on Monday.

"We're having the deep clean today and tomorrow so hopefully they will be back on Monday, but if a child does test positive, the children do mix at lunch times so the whole year will have to self isolate," Mrs Hodgson said. "If nobody else tests positive then this is an isolated incident and two classes will be back on Monday."