Here is how to maintain your weight goals when going on holiday

Keeping the weight off during holiday season. Photo by Pixabay
Keeping the weight off during holiday season. Photo by Pixabay

WW, the new Weight Watchers, has put together some tips to help you stay on track with your health goals whilst on holiday

There’s nothing like a summer holiday summer holiday – but between the breakfast buffet and lazing by the pool all day with a good book, it can be tough to eat well and stay active.

Many of us return from holiday with sun-kissed skin, a healthy glow and five extra pounds.

WW has these tips to help you stay on track, whether you’re sitting by the pool or exploring your new surroundings:

Plan ahead: Research the resort to see which restaurants they have available and, if possible, read the menu beforehand so you can plan your options and won’t be tempted when you’re feeling hungry. Commit to your friends and family, so they can also give you the support you need when the going gets tough.

Drinking: Try to avoid cocktails (which are full of sugar and sweet mixers like juice and fizzy drinks), stretch out your sipping by opting for a spritzer, and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water to stay hydrated - and minimise that dreaded hangover the next day.

Activities: Many all-inclusive hotels or holiday resorts have fun filled activities such as golf, dancing, or even guided walks around the local area. So why not grab your trainers and head out? Any type of movement counts towards your goal.

Take advantage of the local area: Whether you’re by the beach, in the mountains or in the countryside, there are bound to be things you can do. Consider trying rock climbing (to work your arms and shoulders), swimming in the sea (to build core and upper body strength) or a long walk in the countryside (great for getting the legs moving).

Snacking: Pack healthy snacks to avoid reliance on processed toasties, crisps and chocolate bars. Nuts, apples and energy bars make great snacks – why not make your own before you go? Try to avoid snacks that are high in salt, such as chips and salted nuts, as they increase fluid retention.

Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water during the day is really important, especially if you’re holidaying somewhere hot. Staying hydrated may also prevent overeating, as thirst often gets mistaken for hunger. Keep your liquid levels up with water and snacks like watermelon, cucumber and strawberries which have a high water content. A water tracking bottle is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Set a target: Have a goal in mind to work towards on holiday, such as swimming a certain number of laps or walking a target number of steps a day. You could even reward yourself with a duty-free gift on the way home.

Final top tips to be good to yourself:

1. Feel more positive before you head out for the day by listening to a song you love while getting dressed in clothes that make you feel your best.

2. Give yourself three daily compliments and take them on board.

3. Try to appreciate your body for what it does, including the day-to-day processes it makes possible.