New on call private GP service for Lytham

Lytham St Annes residents can now see a doctor in the comfort and safety of their own home with the launch of a new service in the area.

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Thursday, 1st April 2021, 10:23 am
The benefits of using the service include the ease and speed with which you can see a doctor, plus the convenience of not having to travel or wait at a surgery

On Call Doctors is a new private healthcare company set up by local doctors for Lancashire and the Fylde Coast.

As well as opening a new state-of-the-art health centre in Blackpool, it offers a unique home visiting service to help patients see a GP without having to travel.

The service is ideal for elderly people who may find it difficult to leave the house or who are shielding or vulnerable. And there's no compromise on healthcare as the on-call doctors can carry out 1,700 different mobile tests, including blood tests and even heart tracing ECGs, in your own home. We also arrange an MOT-style wellbeing blood test at home from £150.

“We have set up On Call Doctors with a genuine ethos to put compassion at the heart of everything we do,” says medical director Dr Asif Sange, adding that the centre will donate 2.5% of its annual profits to a local charity based on the Fylde coast.

“We are here to really get to know our patients and to go above and beyond our duty in order to help them.”

Home visits normally last around an hour, depending on the needs of the patient, meaning the doctor can take your history, carry out an examination and devise a treatment plan. They can also complete private prescriptions and even dispense medication like antibiotics that is in stock.

Prices start at £175 for an exclusive visit and, as Dr Sange explains, the benefits of using the service include the ease and speed with which you can see a doctor, plus the convenience of not having to travel or wait at a surgery.

The service will be a benefit for adult children who live away from older parents but want to make sure they receive the best possible care, and for relatives of those in care homes who would like the reassurance of a doctor visiting their loved ones.

Extensive memory checks and testing are also available, with a series of detailed questions and a blood test used to assess memory as part of tests for dementia – all in the comfort of your own house. The team can also take the time to offer advice and guidance on sensitive end-of-life matters if it is needed, and offer mental health assessments too.

Dr Asma Raut and Dr Sarah Crisp will be part of the trusted team alongside lead GP Dr Sange, while Laura Peters is the patient relationship manager for the On Call Doctors service.

All doctors will wear full personal protective equipment during home visits to ensure patients’ safety.

“Elderly people tend to have more complex needs that cannot always be addressed in a brief appointment,” adds Dr Sange. “An unhurried home visit means we can take the time to address those needs properly, particularly with chronic conditions like diabetes or dementia.

“We are here to provide a personal doctor-to-you service that is convenient and never rushed, for the maximum benefit to our patients.”

Call for a visit and speak to Laura to 01253 834055. Find out more at