A step in the right direction for Fylde Walking Group

Clive Grunshaw and members of AFC Community Walking Football
Clive Grunshaw and members of AFC Community Walking Football
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Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw stepped out to see how cash from his Community Action Fund has been spent to help people vulnerable to crime.

Fylde Walking Football Group received £2,500 from the proceeds of crime £75,000 funding pot to fund sessions held for adults who feel isolated within the community and feel at risk of being targeted by crime.

The group also welcomes adults who have been released from custody, or are working on community orders.

The group, supported by AFC Fylde, has helped integrate over 60 men and women over the past 12 months following referrals from Lancashire Police Revolution Team and the Community Rehabilitation Company.

Mr Grunshaw said: “I’m delighted to be able to support these projects and it’s clear to see this type of engagement gives people access to mentally and physically stimulating projects.

“This is an excellent way to help me achieve one of my key priorities of tackling crime, re-offending and anti-social behaviour.

“I will continue to support local people to deliver the initiatives they believe their communities will benefit from, enabling them to tackle crime, reduce anti-social behaviour and support people going through difficult times.”

Tom Hutton, director of Community Development at AFC Fylde said: “The group is a fantastic way of bringing our communities together and encourages positive pathways for all of those involved.

“It gives players a focus in life and we have had some very positive outcomes. The funding has helped us manage to keep our prices low.”

and offer great facilities to our members.”