Blackpool residents swap the gym for the shopping centre

Almost half of Blackpool residents see shopping as exercise
Almost half of Blackpool residents see shopping as exercise

You can keep the gym - Blackpool residents just go shopping!

A new survey claims more than half of people in the resort consider shopping to be a form of exercise.

Recent headlines have screamed how obesity in Britain is due to double by 2035. And a survey of 2,750 Brits by online shopping website – where you can win prizes with your purchases - found that on average, nearly half – 46 per cent – said they consider shopping to be a form of their exercise routines.

When broken down by gender, it was found that women are more likely to treat a shopping spree for their season’s new wardrobe as part of their exercise routine than men – 51 per cent compared to 39 per cent.

And the people who puff and pant the most as they whizz around Primark or Prada are in the East Midlands, where 54% feel they’re getting fitter, and the North East (53 per cent).

In Blackpool, the response mirrored the national result, as 46 per cent of residents said they would consider shopping a form of exercise.

The survey also delved a bit deeper into Britain’s relationship between shopping and exercise by asking respondents how far they would be prepared to walk to buy something. And nearly half of us – 48 per cent - said we wouldn’t be prepared to walk just 20 minutes! Not even if we are desperate for a cuppa, and the milk has gone off, we are more likely to either go without or pop over to the neighbour’s than walk a mile.

When broken down across the UK, it appears Londoners are the laziest, where 55 per cent said they wouldn’t walk a mile - probably because they’re so used to taking the tube everywhere - though West Midlanders weren’t that fussed either, with 54 per cent preferring to jump in a car rather than take a brisk stroll. Over half (53 per cent) of those in Blackpool said that they would not walk a mile to buy something!

There was a disparity when compared by gender – men (47 per cent) are less willing than women (49 per cent) to walk to buy something.

The survey also revealed that nearly one-fifth of us would be put off walking anywhere if it was raining; this is probably the best time to go shopping online, frankly! At least you won’t get soaked… just wait indoors, warm and dry, for those packages. In fact, two-fifths of us say that online shopping has freed up more time for other things.

The survey also found that one in ten, when presented with the choice, would rather take the lift than walk up just one flight of stairs. Shockingly, one-third of Brits admit that they avoid doing exercise all together, and the top excuse, from two-thirds of us, is that we’re ‘too busy’.

"It’s interesting to read that whilst many Brits consider shopping part of their exercise regime, many wouldn’t willingly walk for just 20 mins to get there," says Craig Larkin of"‘The growth of online shopping has freed up more time for Brits to do other activities, such as going to the gym!"