Eating out: Culinary jewel lands in the heart of Fylde countryside

The Eagle at Weeton
The Eagle at Weeton

Pubs and restaurants are continually being revamped in an effort to move with the times, chase new customers, and keep their old ones.

Some refurbishments are more extensive than others, with establishments reopening after the odd lick of paint, while others are reborn with a whole new theme.

But it only works if the quality is maintained and improved.

In this regard few revamps locally have been as successful as the rebirth of The Eagle at Weeton (formerly the Eagle and Child).

The reason?

The new venue succeeds on every level of quality: food, drink, decor, ambience, staff and price.

There isn’t a weak link... a sleeping giant has truly been awoken in the heart of the Fylde - and it’s well worth a journey out there.

The high standard and thoughtfulness of the decor and layout, both inside and outside is obvious straight away - from the arrangement of the tables and choice of building materials to the deft partition and separation of the dining and drinking areas. Popping in for a pint feels just as a good as taking the kids out for a meal - and vice versa.

We felt especially privileged being seated under our own skylight (maybe we should get out more...)

The menu is varied with fresh takes on old favourites and options for vegetarians and vegans.

Even though it was early on a Tuesday evening, the Eagle was buzzing (or whatever Eagles do?), mostly with couples and families.

One issue we experienced early on was the strength of the air conditioning at one end of our table. Instead of raising the issue, my wife moved to the other end of the table. The air died down anyway, and the problem went away.

The service is excellent - very friendly and efficient. The staff are neatly turned out and are a credit to the high levels being aimed at here.

Our drinks order was taken after about a five-minute wait, and our food order was taken about 10 minutes after that. Not bad considering the number of customers.

The children and I then went off to explore. The garden here is lovely with the mature trees and quality garden furniture, creating a tranquil and pleasantly secluded feel.

The swings and play area were also a treat - but top marks are awarded for the table tennis table. It felt like a good quality one, and after a fun game the best thing of all was receiving a phone call from my wife saying the food was arriving. Twenty minutes after ordering in quite a busy restaurant was good, I thought.

So, on to the food.

My wife opted for The Eagle Calabrese from the ‘Aritsan Pizza’ section. The quality was obviously high and it had a definite homemade taste - it was spicy and full of flavour. It looked pretty too.

My younger daughter also went for a pizza, the margherita. It was eaten with joy - and the part she hadn’t finished by the time the rest of us were leaving was just picked up and eaten in the car.

My elder daughter’s choice, home made lasagne was another smash hit. The small morsel I was afforded was one of the tastiest lasagnes I’ve probably ever had with a great flavour of fresh parmesan.

I went for the French-Dip Steak Sandwich. From the juicy steak, “fairground” onions and fresh ciabatta it was delight from start to finish. It came with a dipping gravy and fries, which were both good, but not quite up to the standard of the sandwich.

With four soft drinks the bill came to just over £58.

We shall definitely be flying back here soon.

9.5 out of 10

The Eagle at Weeton - the margherita pizza

The Eagle at Weeton - the margherita pizza