Time running out for medals

Lytham FC medals.
Lytham FC medals.
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A JEWELLER couldn’t bear to send off two solid gold local football medals that had been brought into his shop to be melted down.

So Tim Gutteridge, owner of Timothy’s Jeweller’s, Clifton Street, Lytham, has put them – both Lytham FC medals, dated 1920 and 1921, and presented to a T Hodskinson – in the shop window, in the hope someone will snap them up.

Tim, 47, who has run the shop in Lytham for the last four years, said he decided to contact the Express after seeing a Reflections article (More Lytham FC memories) in the November 10 edition.

“We bought them in some scrap gold over the counter,” said Tim.

“The person knew about them and the named person, but didn’t have anybody to leave them to and wanted to get rid of them. We put them in our window just above scrap price. It seemed a shame to scrap them.”

Tim said one medal is worth £199, because it is heavier than the other, which is valued at £110.

“Somebody might collect these sort of things, and I didn’t have the heart to scrap them, and a couple of weeks later your article appeared,” said Tim, who previously ran a jeweller’s shop in St Annes for four years.

Although the medals are safe for now, Tim said business would eventually come before sentiment if someone did not buy them, and that they would have to be scrapped,

“There’s so many things we buy over the counter we would like to keep, but sadly it has to go off to scrap,” said Tim.

“Once they are gone, they are gone, they are just thrown in the smelter and they are gone.

“We can’t keep everything. It’s just not feasible.”

Anyone interested in the medals can contact Tim or Tracey Gutteridge at the shop on 01253 733357.