£1.75m animal supercentre

The RSPCA has applied to Wyre Council for permission to build a multi-million pound centre at Stalmine.
The RSPCA has applied to Wyre Council for permission to build a multi-million pound centre at Stalmine.
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An animal welfare charity is set to expand its operation by building a new multi-million pound premises.

The RSPCA, which currently has its Fylde coast base at the Longview Animal Centre, in Marton, hopes to build cattery, cat isolation block and a small animals unit in Stalmine to expand its operation.

Much of the £1.75m needed to fund the operation, also named Longview, has been raised through legacies and grants.

Martyn Tetchener, branch manager at RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancashire, said: “We already have outlining planning permission to build Longview Animal Centre, which was granted back in 2010.

“This is now the final stage in the process to build the cattery, cat isolation block and small animals unit.

“Work will start as soon as permission is granted and we hope to complete the build by early 2014, and get it open to the public.

“The cost of the whole project is going to be £1.75m pounds which has been raised through gratefully-received legacies and grants.”

The new building would be on the site of the former Minster Farm boarding kennels, which includes a pre-existing 18 kennel block.

The opening hours of the proposed site will be from 11am to 4pm between Tuesday and Sunday.

After this time any dogs which are outside in the pens will be returned to the sleeping areas of the kennel blocks where they will remain throughout the night.

The application’s design and access statement, which has been submitted to Wyre Council, adds: “Large volumes of materials will be necessary for this work and many contractors’ vehicles will visit the site during the work.

“No vehicle will park on the highway as the site is large enough to accommodate the same.

“Every consideration will be afforded to local residents to ensure that any disruption is minimal.

“The RSPCA affirms its policy of cooperation and integration with the local community to ensure a harmonious relationship.”

A decision on the site is set be made by September 10.

Anyone wanting to make a comment about the application should visit http://www.wyre.gov.uk/commentplanningapplication

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