20 mph zones on way

Village 20mph road signs. Freckleton.
Village 20mph road signs. Freckleton.
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MUCH of Lytham looks set to be a 20mph zone within months.

St Annes and Ansdell are in line to follow suit by the early stages of next year.

Already, motorists in Freckleton, Warton and other Fylde villages such as Clifton and Newton-with-Scales have seen the slower speed limits come into effect – and Kirkham, Wesham and Wrea Green look set to follow imminently.

Council highways officials, led by Lytham councillor Tim Ashton, see the speed cuts as key to improving road safety figures and the implementation of the lower limits across the Fylde, as part of a £9.2m county-wide scheme, is being undertaken in four stages.

The first, involving Freckleton, Warton and other parts of rural Fylde, is now complete and the restrictions have been implemented.

The second, covering Kirkham, Wesham and Wrea Green, concluded its consultation period last week and is set to be implemented shortly, subject to feedback from the consultation.

Much of Lytham comes under phase three, details of which will be advertised for consultation by the end of March, with implementation likely to follow later in the year.

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