A Walled garden

David Jordan, 75, with part of Hadrian's Wall in his garden.
David Jordan, 75, with part of Hadrian's Wall in his garden.

WHEN at home, do as the Romans do . . . and build a wall!

That’s what retired businessman David Jordan has done in his back garden.

David, 75, has resurrected part of Hadrian’s Wall at his Bartle Road home in St Annes.

The self-confessed Wall fanatic has been fascinated with the world famous structure since he was a teenager.

And it was in the 1960s when he visiting the ancient attraction that he was invited to take some stones from it away with him.

He had no second thoughts and without hesitation snapped up the offer and the stones now take pride of place in his garden.

David, who has written a book on Hadrian’s Wall, explained: “I was walking the wall with friends. Where the road goes though Caw Gap, we climbed over the top to Turret 41A.

“I spoke to a stonemason who was working on the Wall and I said ‘what are you doing with all those stones there’? There were hundreds and hundreds. He said ‘I’m taking a lot home to build a garage’!

“He said, ‘take what you want’ and over the years I took some of them.”

David said he was not committing any offence and that he was given permission to cart the sandstone segments off.

When archaeologists uncovered this particular length of wall in the Sixties, completely covered by soil, any stone not in situ was thrown away and not restored.

David said: “Many hundreds were cast to one side and permission was given for anyone to take away what they wanted from the accumulated pile.

“That was 40 years ago, whether they put them back now, I don’t know.”

He said heavy base, or offset stones, came at a price though.

“We put one in the boot of the car, a Morris Minor. It burnt the big end out over Shap!”

David, who lives with his wife Gail, 58, moved to St Annes from Manchester, where he ran a store, 10 years ago. He said he was 16 when he got hooked on the wall after reading about it.

“They call it wall madness. Once it gets in you there’s no letting go,” he said.

“I’m taking some friends up from Australia next year.

“Over the years I’ve taken coach parties up to show them round.”