Action pledged to end bags blight

Rubbish in St Annes town centre. Guy Pople and David Williams looking on.
Rubbish in St Annes town centre. Guy Pople and David Williams looking on.
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FIRM and urgent action will be taken against traders and residents who continue to leave bin bags scattered around St Annes town centre.

That’s the pledge of Fylde councillor Susan Fazackerley after shopkeepers expressed fears that the rubbish eyesore could blight the town’s streets in the height of the tourist season and also cause a potential health hazard.

Guy Pople, proprietor of Dark Halo Music in Back West Crescent, told a meeting of St Annes Chamber of Trade: “Friday is collection day but the bags are scattered all around town throughout the week.

“It is an awful sight as well as a potential health hazard.

“Animals and seagulls get to the bags and the contents are left scattered all over the streets.”

Coun Fazackerley said: “I can’t ever remember it looking as bad as this.

“I went along midway through last week and there were bags piled up on various corners.

“Twenty-four hours later, it was even worse.

“Friday is collection day and the bags should only be put out just in time for that.

“Warning letters will be sent out to anyone not adhering to that and the Council will have no hesitation in taking action against anyone ignoring the warning.”

Mr Pople said he was delighted at Coun Fazackerley’s intervention.

“Hopefully the situation will now be resolved,” he said. “I will be keeping a very close eye on how it goes over coming weeks.”