Anger as cats left in carrier on sand dunes

A cat charity has called for more help from the RSPCA afer three kittens were abandoned on St Annes sand dunes.

Saturday, 13th August 2016, 9:00 am
The abandoned kittens

The three kittens, thought to be around five to six weeks old, were left in a closed cat carrier with no access to food and water.

It follows a similar incident last year, when seven kittens were left in a box on Lytham road.

Hanna Statham, of Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue said: “It’s not very nice, in this weather as well. Luckily these people found them or else they’d unfortunately not be with us right now.

“People are having these cats and not getting them neutered or spayed and they’re just kicking them out on the street. They’re getting pregnant and they’re giving birth in the street and the kittens get to a certain age where they can’t fend for themselves and they just run away and lose their mum.

“People just don’t understand, get your animals neutered. You can even get it done for free if you’re on benefits.”

Hanna also believes that the RSPCA should take more responsibility for abandoned kittens in the area. She added: “The RSPCA is the biggest rescue company in the UK and they’re recommending a very, very small charity.

“It’s bizarre how they have all these thousands of pounds and they can’t take in three six-week-old kittens.”

Nine Lives has been rescuing cats in the Blackpool area for the past 15 years and rehoming them with teams of foster carers, covering the cost of neutering as long as the cat is old enough before being rehomed.

They also have two charity shops on Lytham Road and Central Drive, both welcoming donations.