Anger as '˜leak' at Niagra Hotel forces it shut

Furious customers have left negative reviews for Blackpool's controversial Niagra Hotel '“ after it closed suddenly because of a leak.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 6:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 3:28 pm
The Niagra Hotel

The Dickson Road hotel made national headlines earlier this year after rebranding from The Vidella to The Viagra, along with the slogan ‘We’ll keep you up all night’.

It then changed its name to Niagra after causing consternation among council chiefs, while drug company Pfizer also threatened to launch a copyright claim.

But visitors to the resort say they have been arriving to check in recently – only to find the doors closed.

A note informing customers of its closure

A number of signs have been put up which claim the hotel is under new management and that the venue is shut ‘due to a major leak’.

Hotel boss Neil Marshall could not be reached for a comment yesterday.

Writing on internet review site TripAdvisor, Hartlepool woman Leanne said: “We had a booked this hotel almost a year in advance, prior to the name change, for a hen party of 11.

“We arrived to find the hotel had closed. No-one was answering the phone when we tried to contact the hotel .

A note informing customers of its closure

“Thankfully a very kind man from a local hotel took us in and saved the weekend.”

Colin, from Morecambe, wrote: “We booked this hotel prior to its name change for 10 friends attending the Summer Bash rugby league games [held at Bloomfield Road].

“Imagine our horror on arrival to find the hotel was closed.”

According to, an internet search engine for hotels across the UK, ‘this property isn’t taking reservations on our site right now’.

A spokeswoman for Blackpool Council said no complaints had been made to trading standards, though staff were on standby to investigate any that are made.

In April, Mr Marshall told The Gazette his branding battle, which also put him at loggerheads with Blackpool Council, which hinted he could be handed an Asbo if he didn’t change his signs, wasn’t over.

“We’ll come up with a new name, another daft name,” he said. “I’ve not thought of one yet. How about readers of The Gazette come up with one?

“I’ll carry on because the publicity has been amazing. I’ve had TV shows from here and even in America want to speak to me.

“It’s been crazy, it’s been brilliant for us.”

But one customer who didn’t think the name changes were ‘amazing’ was mum-of-two Sammy Jones, 25.

She had opted for The ‘Vidella’ because it looked like a ‘presentable’ family establishment, she said.

But when she arrived she was ‘disgusted’ to find the name had been changed to The Viagra Hotel.

Sammy, from West Yorkshire, said: “I was gobsmacked when I turned up.

“I was with two young children and it was disgusting they would advertise as a family hotel with a sign up like that.

“We were exciting for a weekend away and to go to the seaside, but we were crushed when we arrived. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”