Anger over road closure

Vital work: Sim Lane-Dixon, from Lancashire County Council
Vital work: Sim Lane-Dixon, from Lancashire County Council
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A busy main road through the a Fylde town has been closed down with just two days’ notice – sparking anger among residents, businesses and motorists.

Mythop Road, in Lytham, has been shut by Lancashire County Council to carry out work on a broken drain connection. The authority has set a maximum time of two weeks for the road to be closed.

But neighbours in the area say they only became aware of the planned work when a sign was erected on Friday evening.

The sign on Mythop Road said: “From Monday, September 29 for approximately 10 days, Mythop Road will be closed for road works.

“During this time, bus services 7 and 11 will not be able to serve Mythop Road and Salcotes Road.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, highways manager for Fylde at LCC, said: “We need to carry out work to the drains on Mythop Road to repair a broken connection and the position. It means we have to close the road.

“The nearest bus stop for service 68 is at Meadow Lane close to the junction of Preston Road and Saltcotes Road, and the nearest stops for services 7/11 are at either end of Warton Street near Lytham Hospital.”

But many residents on Mythop Road have voiced their anger over the short notice given for the upheaval.

One, Sarah Hallam, said: “Why is it that the residents around the areas of road closures are always the last to know about it?

“The council should give us better warning so that we can make alternative arrangements.”

Mark Peters said: “Can the county council let us know why they haven’t at least been able to keep half the road open at a time, using a contraflow to get traffic through? Typical thoughtless local authority 
action, taking place without consultation.

“It may only be for a few weeks, but it will cause havoc around the town.”

Fylde Coun Mark Bamforth said: “I have asked the county council what provision it has made for buses over the two week period. Residents at Liggard Court who don’t drive will be stranded unless they get a taxi.

“For them needing to pay for a taxi should they ever want to get into town is not good enough.”

YMCA, on Lytham Road is one business that was affected on Monday morning with some members assuming the facility was shut.

One worker at the club, on Mythop Road, said: “I rang the council today as we were not told directly, we only found out through customers that the road would be closing.

“It’s a real inconvenience to members and it’s affecting many businesses in the area.

“I arrived on Monday to see signs on both sides of the road saying the road was closed so they really need to make sure that signs say ‘access only’ to not confuse members.”

Despite asking for allowances of between 10 days and two weeks, Mr Lane-Dixon hoped the road would be re-opened by the end of the week.

He said: “I’d ask anyone with mobility problems who is unable to access the local bus services to contact Fylde Community Transport who may be able to provide limited transport for those eligible residents.

“We hope to have Mythop Road open again by the end of the week and we’re sorry for any inconvenience during the short time the road will be closed.”