Anxious wait on vicar

Andrew Clitherow
Andrew Clitherow
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AN ill vicar has left Lytham Parish Church in limbo for the past five months.

Canon Andrew Clitherow stunned the congregation at St Cuthbert’s Parish Church in March when he announced he would be leaving after his last service on Easter Sunday.

However the 60 year old father of four, who separated from his wife earlier this year and has since been on sick leave, suffering from stress– leaving church officials and parishioners facing a worrying waiting game.

Parishioners have been described as “anxious”. They want to know how long Canon Clitherow will be off sick, when he will be leaving and when a new vicar will be appointed.

Church warden Clive Barnes told the Express: “People are asking questions. They want to know what’s going on. But there has been no discussion from the clergy beyond the one of sick leave. We know as much as the parishioners. I can understand them being anxious. I’m sure the congregation would like some clarity.”

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