Barbecue ban follows weekend blazes

Barbceues banned by Fylde Council
Barbceues banned by Fylde Council
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Barbecues on grassland are being banned by Fylde Council during the current heatwave.

The move follows two fires at the weekend, one of which caused substantial damage to Lytham Green.

Damage to Lytham Green caused by a barbecue

Damage to Lytham Green caused by a barbecue

The other fire, later on Saturday, saw a substantial section of the nature reserve off Clifton Drive North, St Annes, ravaged by fire and caused the main road between Blackpool and St Annes to be closed for several hours.

The cause of the latter fire is still being investigated.

The council has up to now repeatedly issued strong advice to visitors to grassed areas not to light barbecues but is to introduce temporary signage and extra patrols by park rangers with immediate effect in a bid to eradicate risk in the current conditions.

A council statement said: “Over the next summer months, we will establish a more comprehensive understanding of the impact a total ban would have as opposed to designated areas with the appropriate facilities to support barbecues.

“In the meantime, the new ranger service and employees on parks and gardens have been asked to monitor activity and provide advice on the safe use of barbecues as well as disposal of any waste.

“Because of the current heatwave conditions, barbecues are being prohibited on high risk grassed areas (including Lytham Green) with temporary signage being introduced as well as additional patrols.”