Bid to flatten dunes

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SEAFRONT residents are making a controversial bid to have more than 200 metres of sand dune in front of their homes pushed further down the beach.

The owners of eight plush properties on North Promenade, St Annes, have submitted a planning application to Fylde Borough Council seeking permission for the project.

They are being led by Dr Brian Newman, who lives on North Promenade.

He was dubbed “dune raider” after controversially bulldozing a 50ft sand dune opposite his detached £750,000 luxury home some 18 months ago.

The surgeon said he had the right to do so, claiming the dunes had been unnaturally created by the council which had deposited the sand there years earlier. The council said he needed planning permission.

Uniquely, much of the dune system here is owned by the residents, extending 40 metres towards the sea from the road.

Management plans for the dunes’ “reprofiling” have been drawn up on behalf of Dr Newman and submitted as part of the rare application.

They say it would protect the road and properties from wind blown sand and the risk of tidal flooding; protect the dunes and enhance nature conservation; and allow safe recreational use of the dunes and beach.