Blackpool carer ‘stabbed with fork’ in robbery, court hears

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A Blackpool carer was robbed and stabbed with a fork in the head and chest, as the poorly man he was looking after lay in a bed in the same room, a court heard.

The victim, a shopkeeper in the resort, was caring for a man at the time of the robbery, on March 27 last year.

He used that fork to stab him to the chest and head

The jury of five women and seven men were told the carer was left terrified during the attack.

Stephen Weekes, 42, of Munster Avenue, Bispham, and Kevin McGowan, 49, of South Square, Layton, deny robbery.

Prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, Richard Howarth said the victim knew the defendant Kevin McGowan and another man, Ben Smith, who was present, but not Stephen Weekes.

He added the victim used to visit the person he was caring for as a “creature of habit” between noon and 3pm every day and had bumped into Mr McGowan, who asked if he could accompany him to see the poorly man.

Mr Howarth said: “As the victim went into the flat he was grabbed from behind, he was grabbed by Mr Weekes who was already in the flat for some reason.

“He grabbed him and started to hit him around the body and the victim in effect was propelled from the hall into the front room where the poorly man was in bed.

“The assault was continuing . He asked him what he was doing this and Mr Weekes said: ‘You’ve took (sic) money off him.’

“At that stage the victim saw Mr Weekes had a fork in his hand and he used that fork to stab him to the chest and head and such was the ferocity and viciousness of the attack that he wet himself, he was so scared.”

The court heard Weekes, who was demanding gold chains and a ring, started claiming the victim owed £3,000.

Some £150 cash, a bank card and keys were taken from his pockets and they demanded his PIN number, pointing the fork at his eye.

Smith and McGowan were caught on CCTV at a cash machine using the card.

The victim escaped the house while Weekes was distracted, counting the money they withdrew, but “surprisingly it may seem”, left with McGowan.

Weekes’ fingerprint were later found on bank statements he had thrown at the victim, which had belonged to a woman.

Weekes, wearing a grey suit, rolled his eyes and shook his head while co-defendant McGowan, wearing a red training jacket slumped in his seat with his arms folded.