Blackpool dog breeder is suspended amid probe

Photo of an 11 week old male red and white Cockapoo puppy
Photo of an 11 week old male red and white Cockapoo puppy
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The Cockapoo Club of Great Britain has suspended the registration of a Blackpool dog breeder as part of an investigation into animal welfare, it has confirmed.

The club, formed by owners and breeders to ‘promote the health and welfare of the growing number of Cockapoos’, said it acted against Jacqui Hamer, of Jay Doodles in Normoss Road, following complaints.

A cockapoo is a cocker spaniel and poodle cross breed. Stephen Charlton, from the Cockapoo Club, said Ms Hamer is an ‘approved breeder ... though due to one specific complaint we have followed protocol and suspended her following an investigation’.

He said: “We have had a complaint, which we take seriously, and we will investigate.

“We have been shown photos, videos and audio of alleged mistreatment and these have been put to Ms Hamer. I cannot comment further due to potential legal issues.”

Dog owners only need to apply for a breeding licence if a bitch has five or more litters in a 12-month period, or if they are breeding dogs for sale.

Ms Hamer is currently applying to get the ‘appropriate consents’, Wyre Council said.

“If she is successful then we will assess her for a breeding licence, could will include a joint inspection with a vet of our choosing,” a spokeswoman added.

And Mr Charlton said: “Current legislation is generally interpreted that dog breeders, and I must stress here that anyone choosing to breed a litter is a breeder, no matter what spin they try and put on things, can have up to four litters within a 12 month period, legally, without the need to be council-licensed.”

“Sadly, this does mean that someone with only two bitches can legally breed four litters each and every year – meaning that both bitches can be bred from every seasons – every six months.” The RSPCA said it could not comment on specific cases.