Blackpool restaurant owner's Facebook comments criticised

The manager of a Blackpool restaurant who left a disgruntled response to a customer's negative review apologised for his comments - but it didn't cut the mustard with our readers.

Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 11:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 11:26 am
A restaurant boss reply to a Facebook review has been shared widely on Facebook

Wayne Davies, of The Stone Grill on Queen’s Promenade, wrote ‘please excuse me for not pulling £25,000 out of my bottom for a chair lift and permanent ramp’ when disabled customer Carol Savage complained on Facebook that the restaurant was not wheelchair-accessible.

He also suggested that the customer deliver him ‘a cheque for £25,000’ to re-model the entrance to the restaurant, and another for £30,000 to add a disabled toilet block.

He apologised for his comments, and has defended his business, saying: “I apologise to Carol for my comments but I do believe they have been taken out of context.

“It has been implied that we were treating disabled customers like second class citizens, which is untrue and unfair.

“We are wheelchair-accessible.

“We have had a ramp built at the side of the building where you can get a chair in through the door; the only problem being you can’t get a wheelchair into the toilets.

“This is as frustrating for us as it is for Carol, but we have done all we can within what is a very old building.”

But his apology - following his crude reply to the customer - was met with more criticism from our readers.

Here’s what you said.

Wayne’s immature and sarcastic replies are unnecessary.

He could have responded with a more professional attitude rather than one which may alienate customers.

Northern Star

Just like she’s not obliged to eat there, the owner is not obliged to install disabled facilites.

It’s his money, he can do what he wants with it. Is he going to risk going out of business just because someone can’t go to the toilet ?


There are loads of restaurants without disabled access and or access to a toilet.

Bella Italia is a prime example, a multi national company.

Their restaurant on Church Street has steps outside and their premises on Victoria Street allow access to restaurant but not toilets which are upstairs.

So before people start criticising small business’ they should look at other places.

It’s very easy to jump on the bandwagon without being fully conversant with the subject

3G sandgrown

I’ve eaten in there a few times and the food is really nice. I’ve been following the Trip Advisor reviews on the place for a few years now and love some of Wayne’s replies

North Shore Hostage

This Wayne sounds a right charmer.

Loyal fan

I was having a drink in a pub in town, this woman came in a wheelchair, she got out of the chair and walked from the dancefloor to the bar, purchased two pints of beer and picked them up and walked to a table by the dancefloor.

This is not the first time I have seen this.

Jackie 35

Her nasty, confrontational and ill mannered message to the Stone Grill, ( an excellent restaurant by the way) was unnecessary, particularly because she chose to post on social media for a reaction. I think the response was too tame, and Wayne needs to be applauded for his controlled reply


There are ways to answer when people write reviews about your business.

This chap got it horribly wrong.

A simple “I respect your opinions and although it is currently out of our pricing range it is something we would be keen to get installed once it becomes viable”.

It may well be complete ‘tosh’ but you adhere people to your business and not push potential customers away.

I have never been to this place and quite simply will not go because of the reply given by this man

Loz Scott

I can’t believe this person has the audacity to try to explain his awful comments and behaviour- what he wrote and on social media was disgusting.

There was absolutely no excuse for this

Leanne Simpson

I wouldn’t pay 30 grand for disabled access either if it only brought in a couple of extra people

Adrian Jowitt

He has a knack of getting ‘his knickers in a twist’ over anything other than a ‘good’ review

Ron Curtis

This guy responds to any criticism with negative remarks and in a really unprofessional manner.

Kate Martin

Deserves all the bad press he is getting. Rude, obnoxious, aggressive and dismissive of customers needs.

Si Bramhall

The thing about social media rants is that they never really go away - so although the business may win a few new customers from the publicity, it is likely to leave a bad taste with many other people who may boycott it in future.

It was either a knee-jerk reaction to criticism or a risky PR strategy - neither of which appeals to me.

Jackie Speight

I love this place, have been a lot, and the staff are so friendly, and the food has always been amazing.

Samantha Yianni

How not to deal with reviews!

Peter Atkins

He shouldn’t have replied like that, that was wrong but she was also in the wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right

Ash Paul