Lytham eatery’s appeal over extension is rejected

The Deacon has lost am appeal over its glazed extension
The Deacon has lost am appeal over its glazed extension
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A popular Lytham restaurant has failed in its appeal over a glazed fronted extension at the side of the building.

The owner of The Deacon put up the structure, and an overhead glazed canopy, to create extra dining space in an enclosed area outside the main building.

But Fylde Council deemed the operators had breached planning control because the design, in its current form, had been denied planning permission.

The authority handed out an enforcement notice on the business in May last year, requiring the owner to either remove the items or make alterations compatible with a canopy design granted permission three months earlier.

The building, although not listed, occupies a prominent position in Clifton Square, part of Lytham’s conservation area.

Charles Furnell, the owner of the business, appealed against the decision and argued that if the extension had to come down, he would go out of business and this would mean the loss of local jobs.

However, the appeal was dismissed by planning inspector Daniel Hartley.

Mr Hartley said: “I can fully understand why the appellant has opted for an extension which can be fully enclosed.

“But the appeal development does not look like a canopy.

“It appears dominant and bulky when read against the more traditional building behind and detracts significantly from the open appearance of the vibrant Clifton Square.”

Last year, in a case bearing some resemblance, The Deacon’s, nearby restaurant Spago (inset) lost an appeal over a similar structure.