Parking problems set to be eased

Couns Sue Fazackerley, Ed Nash, and Fabian Craig-Wilson with concerned residents
Couns Sue Fazackerley, Ed Nash, and Fabian Craig-Wilson with concerned residents
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DIAGONAL parking spaces are to be looked into as a possible solution to long-standing safety concerns in a St Annes shopping street.

Police and councillors have long been looking for the best way to stop vehicles being parked on the pavements on St Albans Road amid fears that it could lead to a serious accident.

The town’s Central Police and Communities Together (PACT) forum is pressing for a meeting over the matter involving key agencies such as Lancashire County Council, Fylde Council and police as well as concerned residents.

PACT initiated a petition over the issue, headed Pavements are for Pedestrians, which generated hundreds of signature and giant plant pots, warning signs and regular police patrols have all been tried as potential solutions.

But still the matter is a major cause for concern at the monthly PACT meetings and ward beat officer PC Mike Schouteten said at the latest that diagonal parking spaces on two blocks between Church Road and Trafalgar Street could be the answer.

“I have spoken to one shop owner on the street who says he would be willing to give up his forecourt space if it helped find a solution to the matter,” said PC Schouteten.

“If adjacent businesses can be persuaded to do similar, diagonal parking spaces could be the answer. A footpath between the business and the spaces up against the roadside would allow pedestrians to pass safely but drivers would be able to park close to the shops.”

PC Schouteten’s comments were welcomed by those attending the PACT meeting and the issue of parking in the area was being raised by St Annes town councillor Barbara Mackenzie at this week’s meeting of the Lancashire Association of Local Councils.