VIDEO: It’s weigh to go for first new Typhoon!

One of the Fylde’s heavyweight fighters has undergone a weigh-in ready for action.

No not a boxer, but the first of the latest version of the Typhoon fighter jets.

Warton engineers weighing the Tranche 3 Typhoon.

Warton engineers weighing the Tranche 3 Typhoon.

The aircraft – British single seat number 116 – had its measurements recorded using a highly sophisticated set of hydraulic scales at BAE Systems’ military aircraft business in Warton.

The weigh-in showed that Number 116 tipped the scales at 23,500 kg, almost 245 times heavier than the former WBA heavyweight champion, David Haye (96kg).

Weighing is vital to confirm that it meets rigorous design standards and to find out its centre of gravity position - a process which all military and civil aircraft must go through.

As Typhoon was designed to be a naturally ‘unstable’ aircraft to give it exceptional handling capability, accurate pointing of the centre of gravity is critical to aid the flight control computers.

Tranche 3 of the Typhoon will see the aircraft equally at home as an air to air or air to ground fighter and with enhanced Escan radar.

Tom McMichael, engineering director, BAE Systems Combat Air said: “Weighing a machine of this size is no mean feat and it is vital that the centre of gravity calculations are accurate to the nearest millimetre.

“We are delighted to have taken another important step in the programme.”

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