Warton to get £1.7m for weapon research

How the Typhoon would look with the common launcher system
How the Typhoon would look with the common launcher system
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Engineers on the Fylde have been given a major boost when it comes to developing the next generation of weapons systems.

Workers at BAE Systems’ Warton plant have been given funding to research a new launcher for the Typhoon.

The Ministry of Defence has provided £1.7m of funding to come up with a common weapon launcher for the aircraft that could be capable of carrying multiple weapons and weapon types on one type of attachment point.

The project will bring together expertise from BAE Systems as the weapons integration lead for Typhoon and the weapons manufacturers MBDA and Raytheon UK.

If the research is successful this could be the latest development in a programme of activity to ensure that Typhoon continues to deliver world-leading capability for the armed forces.

The aircraft, originally designed for fighter defence, is now being further developed into a ground attack and bomber role , which has previously been taken on by the Tornado.

Andy Eddleston, Typhoon product development and future capability director at BAE Systems, said: “Developing a common weapon launcher solution could significantly enhance Typhoon’s ability to deliver increased weapons persistence and effects.

“Each launcher could be capable of carrying up to three weapons, providing a great deal of flexibility and persistence for the operator.”

The common weapon launcher, if the research is successful and the programme taken forward, could offer a flexible and cost effective solution for customers.

The launcher could potentially carry weapons such as the Dual Mode Brimstone 2 Missile and the Paveway IV Precision Guided Bomb.

Typhoon is already regarded as a world-leading combat aircraft and it continues to advance in order to deliver the latest technologies to keep its operators ahead in a constantly changing global environment.

Recent enhancements in capability include the integration of the Paveway IV Precision Guided Bomb and contracts to integrate the Captor E-Scan radar and the Dual Mode Brimstone Missile.