Buyer found for Land Registry

The Land Registry building Birkenhead House in Lytham
The Land Registry building Birkenhead House in Lytham

A LYTHAM landmark finally looks set to be sold.

The derelict former Land Registry building – Birkenhead House – at the southern end of the Green, is expected to have a new owner next year.

The Land Registry has been seeking to dispose of the building after a merger of its Lytham and Warton offices following a review in 2006. Both offices suffered redundancies and Birkenhead House was axed. The Land Registry blamed a drop in the number of property transactions for the cuts.

Earlier this year it ran a marketing campaign for the site which ended late last month. It said there had been “a number of inquiries from potential bidders”.

And a Land Registry spokesman confirmed to the Express this week: “We are currently assessing a number of bids for Birkenhead House. The details of these are of course commercial and confidential. We are expecting that a sale of the property will be achieved in 2012.”

The building had been considered as potential civic office for Fylde Borough Council at one stage.

And German retailer Aldi are understood to have inquired about the site.

Former council leader John Coombes said in July 2009: “We actually looked at it some time ago as a potential site for new civic offices, but there are just as many problems with that as the current one we are in. That was quickly ruled out.”

He said then that the council would ideally want it to be used commercially, either as offices in its current form, or perhaps by the leisure industry, bringing jobs into Lytham and boosting the local economy, rather than for housing.

The 1960s, multi-storey building has fallen into disrepair and been targeted by vandals turning it into an eyesore next to popular Lytham Green.

A council spokesman said: “We do have an interest in seeing such a prominent building being brought back into use.

“We do need employment sites in the area. We are also interested the building doesn’t fall into a state of disrepair. It is a highly prominent location but we are not aware of any buyer being in the pipeline at this stage.”