Cat charity to close

Christine Ashton
Christine Ashton
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A Fylde coast charity which has helped find homes for thousands of abandoned cats over two decades is closing down.

Christine Ashton, who runs St Annes Cat Rescue from her home in the town, has taken the decision after suffering from ill health.

The charity’s shop on St Andrew’s Road South, St Annes, will close on November 30, while the cattery at Christine’s home will close once all 18 current feline residents have been rehomed. Options are being explored to transfer money bequeathed to the organisation to other charities and a potential trust fund.

Christine said: “I know that I cannot continue with the cattery due to the amount of work it requires and my own health issues.

“It is a sad decision to make, and over the years there are probably nearly 6,000 cats which we have rehomed.

“What we wanted to do was to concentrate on difficult cases, rather than just rehoming kittens.

“We still need donations for the shop, and anything left over will be used at other sales.But we won’t be taking any more cats in and we’re looking to rehome the cats we have.”

Christine has pens in her own garden while other of the charity’s cats are homed in private catteries.

Among the rescue centre’s most famous former residents was Charlie (left), who suffered from a rare condition which meant he could not walk unaided.

Gazette readers raised the money to provide him with a special mobility cart, later upgraded by inmates from Kirkham Prison.