Clean up appeal over waste bags on tracks

Coun Tony Ford tends to the dog waste bag container serving St Leonard's Road East and West, St Annes
Coun Tony Ford tends to the dog waste bag container serving St Leonard's Road East and West, St Annes

Irresponsible dog owners have been slammed by a former St Annes Mayor.

Coun Tony Ford has made a clean-up plea after bags of dog waste were left dumped close to a railway line rather than dropped into a bin provided.

Coun Ford, who sits on Fylde and St Annes Town Councils, has long been frustrated over dog waste problems in the St Leonard’s Road West area and was so concerned at an increase in fouling that he personally installed a waste bag dispenser provided by the Town Council.

Fylde Council supported the move by providing and regularly emptying a litter bin next to the dispenser – but there were soon problems with bags full of dog waste being thrown onto the rail line rather than put into the bin.

Network Rail agreed to tidy up the land – but now Coun Ford says he has been horrified to see a new spate of incidents of filled bags having been thrown over St Leonard’s bridge onto the Blackpool South to Preston rail line.

“It really beggars belief that someone can go to the trouble of bagging it, clearly from the dispenser, yet not putting it in the bin provided,” he said.

“Network Rail agreed to tidy the area up where previously irresponsible dog owners, having picked up after their dogs tossed the bags onto the railway land – with the result there were bags dangling in trees and strewn about the embankment.

“But some dog owners are still using the free bags, picking up after their dogs and throwing the bags onto the railway land although the bin is right next to the dispenser.

“St Leonard’s Road West is a popular route for a lot of people. It leads down to the beach, is used to access the bus stops on Clifton Drive and provides a route to the shops on St David’s Road North.

“Why can’t owners be conscientious? They chose to have a dog and they need to act responsibly. I would really appeal to those responsible for this to use the facilities which have been provided and help make sure the area looks its best.”