Cleveleys landlord's bin row with Wyre Council lasted nearly 18 months

A Cleveleys landlord has blasted Wyre Council after a row over a damaged car caused by a bin lasted nearly 18 months.

Saturday, 18th August 2018, 6:45 am
Andrew Hobson standing by the bins. This is where the offending bin was blown from.

Andrew Hobson says the council have dragged their heels to avoid paying damages after a bin smashed into one of his tenants cars during a storm.

The incident happened on February 23 last year behind buildings on the Promenade in Cleveleys.

The bin struck struck a Kia Carens, an AA van aand one of Mr Hobson’s properties.

Andrew Hobson standing by the bins. This is where the offending bin was blown from.

The side of the Kia was damaged with the door caved in, glass smashed and wing mirror broken.

It cost £600 to repair the vehicle.

The landlord, who lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, says the argument broke out after the council told him the bin was his property and it was his responsibility and liability to maintain them.

Mr Hobson, who has a nuber of properties where the incident took place, said: “I have only ever bought two bins for the properties and I knew it wasn’t one of mine that caused the damage after looking at the CCTV.

A still from CCTV showing the bin rolling into the silver Kia

“Even now the bin that caused the damage is still unrepaired and has broken brakes.

Mr Hobson’s tenant, whose car was damaged, says it is ridiculous how long the case has gone on for.

The gentleman, who wished to remain anonymous said: “I was told by the council that I would need to go through my insurance to have the car repaired.

“I didn’t want this to affect my no claims bonus so I payed out for the repair myself.

“I am glad I have been awarded the money in the end but it shouldn’t have gone on this long and it has cost tax payers more money.

On Wyre Council’s website, under their waste and recycling service policy it says: “We will replace any containers that become faulty through fair wear and tear.”

The Gazette has seen a letter from Wyre Council that was delivered to the tenant at 5pm on Thursday.

They agreed to settle the damages to the tenant.

The costs included£610 for the damage to the car as well as and additional £102.38 for court fees and interest.

Despite the eleventh hour intervention the case was still heard yesterday morning at Blackpool County Court.

The court could not commnt on the outcome of the case when contacted.

Wyre Council were unable to provide a comment.