Club says no disrepect was meant by tree

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Rotary club chiefs have apologised for the planting of a huge Christmas tree in front of a floral war centenary display.

The 20ft Christmas tree was planted near Lytham’s War Memorial justa day after Remembrance Sunday and 24 hours before the commemoration of Armistice Day.

The tree was donated by Lytham Rotary Club and paid to be put in place by the Lytham Business Partnership.

Now rotary club bosses have apologised for the placing of the tree.

Spokesman Jeffrey Horsfield said: “The Rotary Club of Lytham is deeply upset at the consequence of the Christmas tree in Lytham Memorial Gardens and apologise most sincerely for any distress caused.

“As a respected organisation, we would never intentionally wish to cause any disrespect.

“Over many years now we have supplied two large Christmas Trees, provided by a generous benefactor as a focal point in Lytham for the enjoyment and benefit of the Town Community, and have always occupied the same positions.

“Both the poppy and the fir tree are symbols of hope and as we all hope peace will prevail with our display of the poppy, so too, the illumination of the fir tree wishes peace to all.”