Coining it in is good news for charities

Long before most airlines cottoned onto the idea of collecting loose change for charities on flights back home Blackpool property investor Crowden Collins founded Change 4 Charity '“ which did just that.

Thursday, 18th May 2017, 3:22 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:28 pm
Crowden Collins, founder of Change 4 Charity, with Camilla Ball and Helen Hay at Blackpool Carers Centre

The charity, set up in the 90s, coined it in to help others by turning all those unwanted Spanish pesetas, Italian lira, German marks, Greek drachma and more back into good old British sterling.

The euro may have since elbowed the old time currencies aside but the charity has diversified and raises money through special events and matching funding.

As chairman of trustees of Change 4 Charity, Crowden presented £9,000 to Blackpool Carers’ Centre – and has pledged further support for the charity’s ambitious plans to build a better life for young and older carers.

Oscar Swift, 11, Crowden Collins, Danielle Barnett and husband John, patron of Blackpool Carers Centre

Former young carers’ champion and now specialist support worker Camilla Ball – along with charity patron John Barnett and wife Danielle – thanked Crowden for the donation.

Oscar Swift, 11, who helps out at the centre, was one of the first to wear the ponchos and wellies bought with the cash, as it is kitting young carers out for a typical Blackpool summer, along with funding special treats, activities outings and allied facilities.

Crowden said: “It’s great to see the money already being put to good use. I don’t think anybody who comes to Beaverbrooks House can fail to be impressed by it and all the activities here. There’s much more to come from the centre, in terms of help for carers, and Change 4 Charity is committed to supporting it.”

The charity helped raise more than £17,000 to help fund what became known as Brian House children’s hospice. More recently, the charity donated £3,500 to fund a honey bee hive at Anchorsholme Primary School.

Oscar Swift, 11, Crowden Collins, Danielle Barnett and husband John, patron of Blackpool Carers Centre