Cold call village battle heats up

Wrea Green No Cold Calling sign on Station Road
Wrea Green No Cold Calling sign on Station Road
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VILLAGERS in Wrea Green are stepping up their battle against cold callers.

Signs are to be placed in prominent positions on approaches to the village and stickers proclaiming ‘no cold callers’ are being prepared and offered to all householders.

It comes after recent instances of householders being approached by visitors trying to sell items door to door despite long-standing signs intended to dissuade such actions.

“We have long been a ‘no cold-call’ village but we still get instances of visitors coming to doors and trying to sell items,” chair Chrissie Wheatman told a meeting of Wrea Green Parish Council.

“I was approached just the other day by a young man who had clearly been dropped off in the village and had no idea where he was.

“I told him this was a ‘no cold call’ village and why didn’t he try somewhere such as Kirkham down the road but he said he was from Middlesbrough and didn’t know the area.”

Sgt Niamh O’Donoghue, community officer for Kirkham and Rural Fylde, was at the meeting and offered support to the villagers’ plans.

“If anyone sees a visitor in the village and they are not sure of their intentions, please report it to us and we will be happy to check it out,” she said.