Collapse leads to new sewer fears

The closure of Leamington Road, St Annes
The closure of Leamington Road, St Annes
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THE closure of a residential road in St Annes for more than two weeks has sparked fresh fears of linked sewer problems in St Annes.

Leamington Road has been closed at its junction with St Patrick’s Road South after a depression appeared in the surface and officials of sewer company United Utilities have this week been investigating the cause.

Last year, Leamington Road was one of a number of areas of St Annes which saw roads closed when holes or depressions appeared in the surface and UU engineers are looking into whether the latest incident is linked.

St Thomas Road, where the road suddenly collapsed during the Open Golf last summer, Hove Road and St Andrew’s Road South, all nearby, all also suffered sewer collapses in the space of just a few months but after a thorough investigation using underground cameras, UU claimed there was no link between the incidents.

Residents and councillors are calling for the matter to be resolved as quickly as possible – and, as investigations continue, UU say they hope to know more about the cause of the problem later this week.

“We responded as soon as we were told of the closure by Lancashire County Council as the highway authority and the depression seems to be linked to the main sewer in Leamington Road,” said UU spokesman Polly Rourke.

“We have already looked at the pipe via CCTV but need to jet-clean it to do more investigations before we can start a repair.

“We should know more later this week at which point we may be able to give residents some more information on exactly what’s happened and how long it will take to fix.

“We apologise to residents for the inconvenience. We will sort the problem out as soon as we can.”

One Leamington Road resident said: “It’s frustrating to see the road closed again after a long and noisy job here last year.

“It is a busy road, as it is so close to two schools and a lot of people park on it at certain times of day.

“We just want it resolved as quickly as possible.”