Comic tribute really is moving!

Les Dawson statue being worked on.
Les Dawson statue being worked on.
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LES DAWSON’S statue on St Annes seafront is in need of repair – because it is proving a moving tribute that is moving too much.

The bronze likeness of the legendary comedian has started to wobble half an inch or so forwards and backwards because of suspected corrosion at its base - less than two and a half years after it was unveiled.

As our picture shows, Fylde Council workmen have hoisted up the statue to inspect the damage and were originally planning to take it away for repair, but it proved too heavy to lift initially and temporary measures have been used to make it safe.

A spokesman for the council said: “It appeared that the base has become uneven. It’s a bronze statue but within the base are some steel supports and we think that they have corroded.

“We hoisted it up by about 18 inches and looked underneath and the initial thought was that it could be ground down. But it was too heavy to take away to the workshop. The head of the statue is solid bronze and it was just too big to manoeuvre to the van.

“The problem is people put their arms around the statue to have their photograph taken and they get a fright when it starts to move. So we packed it up with sand and cement. It’s safe, but there’s still a permanent repair to be done and we will be having another look at how to carry that out very soon.”

The Les statue has proved a popular attraction since being unveiled in late 2008.